Kärcher FC 5 - vloerreiniger - buis

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    Kärcher FC 5 - vloerreiniger - buis
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    Beschrijving Kärcher FC 5 - vloerreiniger - buis

    The characteristic feature of this hard floor cleaner is the two quickly rotating microfiber rollers, which are moistened continuously with a detergent solution. They loosen the dirt and wipe it up off the floor. Say goodbye to laborious scrubbing. Dirt and moisture are continuously vacuumed by the rollers. Compared to the classic mop, the FC 5 always cleans the floor with clean rollers and fresh water. A further advantage is that the dirty vacuumed liquid is drawn into a separate tank, which can simply be emptied after cleaning.With its unique system operation, the FC 5 not only saves time, but water too, compared to a conventional wiping mop. With just one tank filling of 400 ml, all hard floors, from stone to wooden floors, with a surface area of up to 60 m2 can be cleaned quickly and easily. This reduces the environmental impact - and patience required - as the device's resource-saving operation means that the floor is dry in under two minutes. And with the FC 5 there is no unpleasant rinsing and wringing out of the wiping mop by hand, meaning that you are one step closer to a relaxing weekend. The tank is very easy to empty without coming into direct contact with the dirty water. The hard floor cleaner is then placed back in the parking and cleaning station provided, filled with fresh water and the self-rinsing function is started.

    TECHNISCHE EIGENSCHAPPENKärcher FC 5 - vloerreiniger - buis

    • Type de produit Nettoyant sol
    • Type de nettoyant Balai
    • Mode de nettoyage Humide
    • Capacité du réservoir 0.4 litre
    • Vitesse de brossage 500 tours/min
    • Couleur Jaune
    • Type d'alimentation Secteur
    • Puissance électrique 460 Watt
    • Tension principale 220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
    • Longueur du cordon 7 m
    • Largeur 32 cm
    • Profondeur 27 cm
    • Hauteur 122 cm
    • Poids 4.6 kg

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